True Colours

I wouldn’t advocate one watches Matthew Williams’ videos, but one of the most recent definitely gives the mark of the man. It’s an expletive-heavy, thirteen minute, toys-out-of-the-pram rant, aimed chiefly at Steve Alexander, but also at others who Williams feels are not playing by his appointed rules. Notable is his referring to researcher and photographer Hugh Newman as ‘Hugh Jewman’, which certainly gives an indication of Williams’ true colours. If you want an intimation of what the crop circle world has had to put up with for the last several years, this is it.



A Beginner’s Guide To Circle Killing # 2

The lure of non-existent financial recompense is simply too much for a certain breed of crop circle maker. One is attempting to flog his construction diagrams via Facebook, and in the process has killed a number of circles from the past few seasons. Here are some screen captures (via Crop Circle Wisdom).

diagrams 1diagrams 2diagrams 3.jpg

What a vapid and sordid endeavour. Congratulations, you have utterly extinguished any interest these circles may once have held. They are now mere vandalism, the rural equivalent of tossing a brick through a shop window. Is that really what you wanted to achieve, after all the labour of putting them in the field? You have also openly confessed to numerous specific cases of criminal damage to farmers’ property, and I note that in one case you’ve even been dumb enough to attach a copyright notification and date to a formation that still sits in the field as I write this. What an idiot.


“We The Circle Makers”

18921749_699812303560929_5332273110901502143_nSome of you have no doubt been following the recent ‘fake crop circle photographs’ brouhaha, and the allegation that Steve Alexander is the culprit. He isn’t, though that hasn’t stopped the Crop Circle Connector publicly accusing him. Twice. Yesterday afternoon a most curious statement was posted by one ‘Paul Smith’ on the Against the Grain Facebook group. The statement disappeared quickly, though some of us managed to get a copy first.

“I have a confession the image being shared around is indeed a fake made in photoshop. And not the first.

For years art has been high jacked by photographers and “researchers” creating negative energy around the subject for their own personal gain.

We the circle makers are fed up with the infighting and manipulation of our art by those who will attempt to own the subject. Those who force people to subscribe to view past works, or by profiteering by selling our art.

We are aware many pieces are never seen as they are photographed but unreleased by photographers on all sides. We know some are paid for and commissioned by some to fill gaps in their own research.

Our art is free for everyone to enjoy, and not a way for you to make money. We will no longer accept payment or goods in exchange for our time and effort.

Art is free.”

“We the circle makers”? That’s rather presumptuous of you, Paul, as if you had any form of authority to speak on behalf of them all. Your words are your own. They certainly don’t echo the sentiments of any circle makers I know or have spoken to. You are not their voice.

Your arguments are tired, and have been debunked elsewhere on this blog (see for example the articles Must Be Funny and The Alexander Lie), with the exception of charging a fee to access archives, which indeed is a criticism I have also raised. But once a circle is made, all connection with its maker is severed. If you don’t like what people do with your circles after that, perhaps a more efficient form of protest would be simply to not make them?

Staggering Hypocrisy # 4

It’s not often that RACCF and Whack-A-Mole Williams and I agree on something, but it does happen. Clandestine Esoterical [sic.] Mysterious Universe and their practices are indeed preposterous, and pointless. What next? Circle makers engaging agents to negotiate rights to view their circles?

RACCF 8 Jul 16

So where does the “stagggering hypocrisy” come in? Because being informed about new circles by their maker, being first to photograph them and keen to be exclusive announcer of their presence, is exactly what RACCF and Williams and their Crop Circle Connector chums do. Don’t you like it when someone else plays your own game and cuts you out of the chain, guys?

A Beginner’s Guide To Circle Killing

In an odd way I’m relieved that someone other than Matt Williams is being a muppet at the moment, as it gives me something else to write about. Matt is getting rather tiresome, and my posts do start to feel like a broken record at times. He has dominated this blog too much of late.

Some of you will be aware of a new crop circle Facebook page, entitled Clandestine Esoterical [sic.] Mysterious Universe (and which came up in my post Staggering Hypocrisy # 2 – readers of that post will see that Matt Williams and I agree on something). Here’s CEMU’s most recent Facebook post:-

CEMU 30 June 16

This is the second time they’ve done this, post pictures of a circle with the location withheld, and hold competitions to guess the locations from cryptic clues. And the purpose of this exercise is what, exactly, gentlemen?

“We have been informed…” they say. No they haven’t. They made it. Make a circle, tease its location, turn it into a guessing game. What is the point of that?  And with the game becoming the focus, the circle itself is relegated to an afterthought. Will anybody care about this circle by season’s end? Will it even be remembered?

Have you guys forgotten the essential tenets of circle making? As I’ve quoted elsewhere on this blog from ‘goatboy’ on the Crop Circle Connector forum, “Enter field. Make circle. Leave field. Shut the fuck up.” And that’s really all there is to it. Once you’ve made the circle you have to distance yourself from it totally, allow it to succeed or fail on its own merits. Teasers and guessing games do it no favours at all, and only draw attention to the fact that you made it.

No one cares about circles they know are, or which can be proven to be, man-made. People like mystery. People like circles that have mystery. It’s in that ambiguity, that space between, that circles thrive. At the end of the season, Clandestine Esoterical [sic.] Mysterious Universe’s circles will just be remembered as “that bunch of hoaxers who played games about the locations of their hoax circles”. No one will give a damn.

Staggering Hypocrisy # 3

Ah, Matthew Williams, the “gift” that keeps on giving…  In my last post, I highlighted Williams’ criticism of the Clandestine Esoterical Mysterious Universe page, and his accusation of their making then self-promoting circles, and in the process killing any mystery. Within days, on 24 June, that piece-of-crap shark crop circle appeared at Hackpen Hill. An article appeared on The Plymouth Herald website the very same day, featuring an interview with Williams in which he celebrated the circle as circle maker support for the EU exit.

shark 1

shark 2

shark 3

shark 4

shark 6

I hate crop circles like this. Clearly a joke, proclaiming their “look at us, aren’t we clever!” hoaxer nature, taking the piss not just out of themselves but the poor farmer whose field it happens to be,too. Unsurprisingly, Williams loves it.

The interview with Williams, although short, is so stuffed full of crap it’d need an industrial-strength laxative to clear it out.

“…a massive crop circle.” – No it isn’t. Judging by the tramlines, it’s barely 150′ if that.

“Local Matthew Williams, 45, was stunned when he discovered the cheeky circle while out flying his drone.” – No, he didn’t. The people who made it told him it was there.

“It clearly shows proud British fish swimming free despite being circled by EU sharks.” – No it doesn’t. It clearly shows two sharks, around a Celtic trinity symbol. Who says the centre motif represents fish? Nothing “clearly” about it at all. For all you know, it could “clearly” show sharks circling followers of Celtic faiths or Wiccans (who use said symbol for spiritual reasons). My personal theory is that shows a sharknado, with the trinity symbol representing the eye of the storm. Or is it “clearly” because that’s what your mates told you after they made it?

“The three fish in the middle represent Britain, staying strong and representing the terrifying Eurocrat sharks” – Do they now? Besides, see above – it isn’t even clear that the centre motif represents fish, let alone symbolises Britain. And let’s say it does symbolise Britain – what has that got to do with fish? Fish are not a thing synonymous with Britain, therefore the symbolism is far from clear. And “terrifying Eurocrat sharks”? Matt, have you been reading the Daily Mail again?

[Addendum: Since first posting this article, it has been pointed out to me that the triquetra is both a Celtic symbol and early Christian one, and can thus be seen as representing Celtic Christianity. In this context, the triquetra can also be seen to symbolise fish. My thanks to Nurit Nardi].

[Addendum # 2: I’ve since also been informed, by a source close to the maker, that the ‘sharks’ circle had nothing to do with the EU exit at all, and that this is merely Williams’ interpretation of it).

Williams has used circle forums to promote his support of the EU exit, and the political party UKIP, previously, but this time round he doesn’t just take the biscuit, he scoffs the whole packet and leaves the wrapper behind for everybody else to see. Here’s a screenshot from when he was helping UKIP in local elections, in April 2015:

mw ukip

Williams’ support for UKIP was praised by Mike Davies, who as some of you may know is the former husband of Sue Davies. Sue is a close associate of Andrew Pyrka and Report A Crop Circle Formation, and “totally not co-admin of Crop Circles The People The Mystery The Truth”.

MD racist

What a vile man… Mike and Sue, when they were still a couple, are known to have been members of the BNP. I’ve highlighted racism and xenophobia in the crop circle community in previous posts, especially with regard to the despicable persecution of Monique Klinkenbergh. Please see in particular my post ET Go Home.


RACCF racism

Keith Walkin, barely-literate-and-ignorant-views-for hire-extraordinaire, who some of you will know from the many Facebook crop circle pages he frequents, can’t resist joining in either, in his fondness for both Sue Davies and for her foul views.



Sue was of course also at one point shacked up with Roger Wibberley, who once referred to posters on Report A Crop Circle Exposed as “the lower breeds”. Roger has strenuously denied this, but his words were captured by Crop Circles Anonymous as can be seen here.


Jeez, this crop circle stuff can be nasty at times. I feel like I need to go and  take a shower after writing that lot.

Staggering Hypocrisy # 2

From Report A Crop Circle Formation, 19 June 2016 (screen captures courtesy of my friends at The Croppie – their article is well worth reading, too, and makes many of the same points I would).