Ansty & All That

Regular readers may have noticed that I’ve not bothered blogging about the August 2016 Ansty formation. There are a couple of reasons why.

First off, I wasn’t particularly knocked out by it as a circle. Sure, it’s big, and precisely executed, but that’s about all it has going for it, in my view. When the matter of it being based on the Mothership Glass company logo swiftly came to light, I’m surprised anybody continued to take it seriously. Yet the likes of Michael Glickman, Lucy Pringle, Horace Drew and Gary King inexplicably did.

Now the footage of it being made has been released, it makes for an underwhelming exposé. How comes, Miles? Well, I hear it took the best part of a week to construct. For me, that puts it behind even the best of the rest of 2016 in impressiveness. Couple that with the fact that we’ve already had more than 30 years of investigation and evidence of people making crop circles. The subject has been plumbed exhaustively. Doug and Dave were filmed making circles at night back in 1992, for heaven’s sake! Since then, numerous pieces of footage have come to light. Ansty is merely another in a long list. It’s egg on the faces of the aforementioned Glickman, Pringle, Drew and King, but it’s nothing new, and certainly not the ground-shaking revelation its creators paint it to be. What is new is the claiming of copyright. That’s new. Idiotic, but new.

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