Is He Or Isn’t He?

Glasses were raised across croppiedom last week as Andrew Pykra announced his abdication:

Crop Circle Wisdom Announcement.
At the beginning of 2018 we have decided to either close or hand over this website to another new owner if a new owner could be found.

Reasons for decisions made:
All truth seeking websites sadly receive all sorts of threats, blackmail and made up lies by all who are corrupt beyond comprehension. The current researchers will no doubt continue to fool you into believing that aliens are responsible for all the pretty art work in fields of gold – we can assure this is not the case but that will be down to you to decide or the new owner of this website. The latest and most ridiculous accusation, is that the editor of this website met a corrupt alien who told the editor to corrupt all crop circle believers out there. Well – if you actually believe this then you have our apology. We will no doubt have to contact our corrupt aliens and have some serious words with them and give them a slap on their wrist !
Chasing information is time consuming also which generally has to be verified by two editors – sadly one of the editors is emigrating to the USA to take on a role in the IT sector – Bon Voyage Mr. T and good luck in the Big Apple – you will be missed.
We would also like to thank all the alien spies out there for all the hard work who have contributed over the years – I’m sorry to inform you all that your P60 will be sent out in the post as soon as it is possible – however new job opportunities will be available to you as soon as NASA work out how to get you back to your Galaxies.

What will we do from now on?

We will continue research in the ACTUAL PHENOMENON that has been frequently reported in and around man made crop circles and historic areas of Wiltshire and other UK counties – phenomenon such as the frequently seen balls of lights etc.
So look out for a dedicated website which will probably appear late 2018 or early 2019. We feel it will be more challenging and worthy rather than arguing with brick wall researchers who quite frankly cant research out of a brown paper bag.

As from 1st of September 2018 a new owner of this website will take over responsibility for all editing and current content.
Once the handover is done we will provide all appropriate contact details – website will be updated accordingly – however it probably will be just another crop circle web page, so if you have any gripes or suggestions then the new webmaster will assist you in the best possible way.

So at this point we would like to thank all our visitors to this website for your continual support.
Always seek the truth !!!

​God Bless

I could take the time and trouble to pick apart aspects of this statement, but I’ll desist – I was just relieved that the bugger was finally going. But wait! It wasn’t long before a follow-up statement appeared:


An agreement has been made to postpone the handover of this website due to a scathing attack by Temporary Temples who have conned the crop circle believer for decades.
We were happy to hand over this website to a new owner who was going to keep it simple and without any fuss and be cooperative with other Individuals but yet he couldn’t leave it alone so therefore we will resume as normal.
The handover will still happen but NOW its just a question of WHEN !

I’ve scoured all the crop circle Facebook haunts, and Temporary Temples itself, and can’t find anything resembling a “scathing attack”. Is it, as was put to me the other day, just another excuse to hold on for longer? Remember when he stepped down from RACCF, supposedly to write a book which unsurprisingly has yet to see the light of day and I highly doubt ever will? He’ll likely lurk sniping from the side-lines, as he always does. In the meantime we can rely on Andrew Pyrka Watch and Andrew Pyrka: The Crop Circle Messiah to keep him in his box.

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