The ‘Wisdom’ Of Hackpen Hill

Crop Circle Wisdom may be one of the most ironically named websites out there. Each update sees Andrew Pyrka blunder his way through half-truth, conjecture, and plain invention. Does anybody even read it anymore, other than those like myself who want to amuse themselves at whatever cobblers he’s come out with this time? The man increasingly seems an irrelevance, a lone voice hectoring into the void.

Still, CCW is always good for entertainment if nothing else. One of the more recent posts, on “the darkness of Hackpen Hill formations !”, is a good case in point. Here, we see Mr Pyrka take a false and fanciful notion and run with it for ten paragraphs of bullshit.



Andy, you have no idea who made these circles. You’re guessing, and you’re wrong. Not only are you barking up the wrong tree – barking being the operative word – you’re not even in the right forest. As such your entire article is farcical. It did make me laugh so hard I nearly shat myself, though.

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