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True Colours

I wouldn’t advocate one watches Matthew Williams’ videos, but one of the most recent definitely gives the mark of the man. It’s an expletive-heavy, thirteen minute, toys-out-of-the-pram rant, aimed chiefly at Steve Alexander, but also at others who Williams feels are not playing by his appointed rules. Notable is his referring to researcher and photographer Hugh Newman as ‘Hugh Jewman’, which certainly gives an indication of Williams’ true colours. If you want an intimation of what the crop circle world has had to put up with for the last several years, this is it.


A Beginner’s Guide To Circle Killing # 2

The lure of non-existent financial recompense is simply too much for a certain breed of crop circle maker. One is attempting to flog his construction diagrams via Facebook, and in the process has killed a number of circles from the past few seasons. Here are some screen captures (via Crop Circle Wisdom).

diagrams 1diagrams 2diagrams 3.jpg

What a vapid and sordid endeavour. Congratulations, you have utterly extinguished any interest these circles may once have held. They are now mere vandalism, the rural equivalent of tossing a brick through a shop window. Is that really what you wanted to achieve, after all the labour of putting them in the field? You have also openly confessed to numerous specific cases of criminal damage to farmers’ property, and I note that in one case you’ve even been dumb enough to attach a copyright notification and date to a formation that still sits in the field as I write this. What an idiot.