“We The Circle Makers”

18921749_699812303560929_5332273110901502143_nSome of you have no doubt been following the recent ‘fake crop circle photographs’ brouhaha, and the allegation that Steve Alexander is the culprit. He isn’t, though that hasn’t stopped the Crop Circle Connector publicly accusing him. Twice. Yesterday afternoon a most curious statement was posted by one ‘Paul Smith’ on the Against the Grain Facebook group. The statement disappeared quickly, though some of us managed to get a copy first.

“I have a confession the image being shared around is indeed a fake made in photoshop. And not the first.

For years art has been high jacked by photographers and “researchers” creating negative energy around the subject for their own personal gain.

We the circle makers are fed up with the infighting and manipulation of our art by those who will attempt to own the subject. Those who force people to subscribe to view past works, or by profiteering by selling our art.

We are aware many pieces are never seen as they are photographed but unreleased by photographers on all sides. We know some are paid for and commissioned by some to fill gaps in their own research.

Our art is free for everyone to enjoy, and not a way for you to make money. We will no longer accept payment or goods in exchange for our time and effort.

Art is free.”

“We the circle makers”? That’s rather presumptuous of you, Paul, as if you had any form of authority to speak on behalf of them all. Your words are your own. They certainly don’t echo the sentiments of any circle makers I know or have spoken to. You are not their voice.

Your arguments are tired, and have been debunked elsewhere on this blog (see for example the articles Must Be Funny and The Alexander Lie), with the exception of charging a fee to access archives, which indeed is a criticism I have also raised. But once a circle is made, all connection with its maker is severed. If you don’t like what people do with your circles after that, perhaps a more efficient form of protest would be simply to not make them?

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