There Are Others

Sometimes when writing these posts, I feel like something of a lone voice in the wilderness. I know there are many others who share the same views about the current sorry state of the crop circle scene and those responsible for its downfall, but most seem afraid to speak out. Considering the dogged playground bullying inflicted on for example Steve Alexander, Monique Klinkenbergh, or Charles Mallett, to name but a few, this is perhaps unsurprising. I was therefore very heartened to read the following from Edwin van Mossel, which was posted on my Facebook page today. I do have Edwin’s permission to reproduce it here.

“Really  enjoyed the counter texts from ‘Miles Challet’ towards the blatant lies and permanent bullying on the RACCF fb page. It completely amazes me that many people still believe what is written there, just like the complete nonsens written on the fb account of the CCCorrupter. They are the ones – together with some old school ‘researchers’ with a to big of ego and need for money to go with that – who are so very responsible for the fact that farmers started mowing out the crop circles. And them only. But they keep on twisting and distorting the truth. Something which would seem very obvious for those who look a bit closer at the mechanisms in the scene. Dominated by a bunch of evil and greedy nutters. Incredible. Probably this post will evoke – again – a ‘punitive expedition’ towards people who do not think like these social fascists…which will only show again how truly mentally sick they are. And I am not joking about this. I’ve spoken to and in writing interacted with these guys. Concerning two (in)famous men, one can only draw the conclusion that a serious mental illness is the only conclusive outcome. This sickness is clearly to be shown in their writings and/or behavior. Non of them ever took up contact directly with Monique about the why’s of her schedule, etc. Never ever. Which is understandable in that fashion alike, because they would have to change the content of their ‘criticism’ and rants and such. Because such a conversation would prove them completely wrong in all their insults and assumptions brought as ‘facts’ for the past 4 years. And that is not what they want to hear: they only want to hear their own truth – never mind how ridiculously wrong they are in a permanent matter concerning their outings. Together with that a combination of a very consciously orchestrated smeer campaign between RACCF, the CCC and some distorted minds who work together with them. Like I’ve said before in this reaction: truly sick in the head. And it will not get any different this coming year. They’ve completely destroyed the joy and wonder in cc land themselves, still pointing towards other people who are trying to do just the opposite. And blame them for whatever. Aside from the insanity it is also quite ridiculous. Like: hugely ridiculous.”

Thank you, Edwin.


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