Report A Deleted Post Removal

Am I alone in finding the tautology of ‘Report A Crop Circle Formation’ irksome? It’s always niggled me. Who calls them ‘crop circle formations’? It’s either ‘crop circle’ or ‘formation’. ‘Crop circle formation’ is amateur and inelegant, in tune with the page it belongs to. But such things never were a strong point for Andrew Pyrka, coiner of said name – remind him about the malting stage of barley and see what he has to say.

I digress. RACCF have had something of a Night of the Long Knives recently, with numerous posts edited to the bone or simply deleted. They’ve done this before, whenever they’re caught out lying too many times or their piss-taking has pushed people too far and they feel their backs to the wall. Unfortunately for them, some of us have both long memories and galleries of screenshots.

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