The Alexander Lie

Okay, this is just getting nasty now.

The latest bee buzzing around in Matt Williams’ bonnet is Steve Alexander, or more specifically the allegation that Alexander has been commissioning circles and paying for them to be made. Williams’ sole “evidence” for this is the fact that there have been some circles which Alexander knew about and photographed and of which Williams knew nothing until Alexander’s photographs appeared on the internet. Here are a selection of Williams’ RACCF posts. You can almost hear the froth surging from the man’s mouth as you read it.

raccf sa Jul 17

raccf sa 2

raccf sw 3

Steve Alexander isn’t commissioning circles or paying for them to be made. He never has.

The thing is, Matthew Williams and Report A Crop Circle Formation want complete control of the UK crop circle scene. They think theirs are the only views you should hear. That they should be the first to know about any new circles. That everything should happen according to their wishes. That all circle makers are – or should be – on their side. A good sense of their self-importance, if their bombastic and grandstanding posts weren’t enough, can be gained from their 75,000 fake and paid-for Facebook page ‘likes’; the genuine likes are probably less than 10,000. Even the Crop Circle Connector Facebook page, run in association with one of the most famous and long-running crop circle websites, has less than a third of the ‘likes’ RACCF claim.

Unfortunately for Williams and RACCF, they’ve pissed off so many people over the years and burned so many bridges that this isn’t happening. So when new circles appear about which they know nothing or dislike the makers or feel the makers aren’t playing by their appointed rules, they ridicule or destroy them (physically, in some cases) or spread lies about them. A lot of circles have appeared this year outside their knowledge. Reading their RACCF posts makes this very clear. They trash these circles because they clearly demonstrate that Williams and RACCF don’t have anything like the control they pretend to. Hence the lies about them being made for Charles Mallett, or being commissioned by Steve Alexander. They’ve even accused Mallett and Alexander of making circles in some cases this season, which is simply ludicrous.

How does Steve Alexander know about these new circles? I’d imagine people tell him. He’s a well-known and long-standing figure in the crop circle community. And considering the distrust many people have for the Crop Circle Connector these days (primarily due to their association with Williams), it isn’t surprising they opt to report circles elsewhere – The Crop Circle Information Centre, Silent Circle, and Temporary Temples being the obvious choices. These three are also – not coincidentally – the primary targets of Williams’ and RACCF’s wrath. Remember what I said about control – to gain it, all three need to be taken down. Hence the long campaigns of lies and playground bullying. Thankfully, too many people can see RACCF’s and Williams’ actions for what they are and want nothing to do with it.

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