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The Alexander Lie

Okay, this is just getting nasty now.

The latest bee buzzing around in Matt Williams’ bonnet is Steve Alexander, or more specifically the allegation that Alexander has been commissioning circles and paying for them to be made. Williams’ sole “evidence” for this is the fact that there have been some circles which Alexander knew about and photographed and of which Williams knew nothing until Alexander’s photographs appeared on the internet. Here are a selection of Williams’ RACCF posts. You can almost hear the froth surging from the man’s mouth as you read it.

raccf sa Jul 17

raccf sa 2

raccf sw 3

Steve Alexander isn’t commissioning circles or paying for them to be made. He never has.

The thing is, Matthew Williams and Report A Crop Circle Formation want complete control of the UK crop circle scene. They think theirs are the only views you should hear. That they should be the first to know about any new circles. That everything should happen according to their wishes. That all circle makers are – or should be – on their side. A good sense of their self-importance, if their bombastic and grandstanding posts weren’t enough, can be gained from their 75,000 fake and paid-for Facebook page ‘likes’; the genuine likes are probably less than 10,000. Even the Crop Circle Connector Facebook page, run in association with one of the most famous and long-running crop circle websites, has less than a third of the ‘likes’ RACCF claim.

Unfortunately for Williams and RACCF, they’ve pissed off so many people over the years and burned so many bridges that this isn’t happening. So when new circles appear about which they know nothing or dislike the makers or feel the makers aren’t playing by their appointed rules, they ridicule or destroy them (physically, in some cases) or spread lies about them. A lot of circles have appeared this year outside their knowledge. Reading their RACCF posts makes this very clear. They trash these circles because they clearly demonstrate that Williams and RACCF don’t have anything like the control they pretend to. Hence the lies about them being made for Charles Mallett, or being commissioned by Steve Alexander. They’ve even accused Mallett and Alexander of making circles in some cases this season, which is simply ludicrous.

How does Steve Alexander know about these new circles? I’d imagine people tell him. He’s a well-known and long-standing figure in the crop circle community. And considering the distrust many people have for the Crop Circle Connector these days (primarily due to their association with Williams), it isn’t surprising they opt to report circles elsewhere – The Crop Circle Information Centre, Silent Circle, and Temporary Temples being the obvious choices. These three are also – not coincidentally – the primary targets of Williams’ and RACCF’s wrath. Remember what I said about control – to gain it, all three need to be taken down. Hence the long campaigns of lies and playground bullying. Thankfully, too many people can see RACCF’s and Williams’ actions for what they are and want nothing to do with it.

Farmers, Lies, & Videotape

Report A Crop Circle Formation and Matthew Williams persist in their claim that the reason farmers in Wiltshire are cutting out circles is down to Monique Klinkenbergh. They’ve been saying this so long they may even believe it. And it’s nonsense. Malicious, slanderous nonsense at that.

How do I know this? Ask the farmers why they are cutting circles. They’re the ones doing it. They should know.

Here’s a video interview with Tim Carson, who has farmed the land around Alton Barnes in the Vale of Pewsey since before circles first began turning up there. A great many circles have appeared in these fields since 1990 (more 120 by his estimation), and he has left them be. So why are they now being cut? (I’ve had to put this one as a link because the YouTube settings exclude embedding)

Because the farmers in that area have had enough, basically. You’ll also note his support for Monique Klnkenbergh, and his statement that the cutting policy began before Monique’s involvement, both of which fly in the face of what Williams and RACCF are peddling. The importance of this last point cannot be underestimated. Monique’s intervention began in the summer of 2013, yet as these photos show the cutting of Wiltshire circles was already prevalent in 2012.


Woodborough Hill, June 2012.


Milk Hill, June 2012


Wilcott, July 2012


Lockeridge, July 2012


Windmill Hill, July 2012

The timeline by itself destroys the “it’s all Monique’s fault” argument.

The honesty box theft Mr Carson mentions occurred in 2009, and is covered in this article. Another likely contributing factor to circles-cutting was Matthew Williams’ circlemaker TV, which showed circle makers openly bragging of which circles they had constructed, and with a great deal of antagonism towards the farming community. The show began airing in 2010. A backlash from farmers was predicted at the time by members of the Crop Circle Connector forum and was of course ignored.

The following video was shot inside a circle in the field below Milk Hill in 2012 (see second photograph above), another area where circles have been appearing in abundance for decades without being cut. So why is the farmer cutting?

The audio on this video isn’t the best. If you can’t make out his words, here’s what he says:

“I’ve just seen shitty things what Matt Williams and Terry and all them dickheads who make them…. Coming back, you know that one we had a few years ago, and they’d do a bit one night then they’d come back and do a bit more. I caught them with my own eyes, I caught them making a crop circle on our field. And that’s what I don’t want. And I know that if I cut their crop circles out they won’t come back and do another one… I cannot understand how much they wind me up. And they’ll sit and they smirk just smirk at me… I hate them.”

So there you have it. Why are farmers cutting circles? Because they’ve had enough, because of piss-taking circle makers, and because of Matthew Williams. No mention of Monique Klinkenbergh, except in positive terms.

Look, RACCF. Look, Matt. Your allegations are utterly bogus. The farmers have said so. Stop pointing the finger elsewhere, and face up to it.

Boycott The Boycott

I had intended to tally the figures of Wiltshire to non-Wiltshire circles so far this year so we could see how the alleged boycott is progressing and then have a hearty laugh, but it looks like Crop Circles Anonymous have beaten me to it.

cca boycott 30 june 2015