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More Crop Circles The People The Mystery The Truth nastiness (hereafter CCTPTMTT as it’s such an unwieldy moniker to type).


This image was accompanied by a semi-literate text: ‘No Access Possible To English Fields . Bring back the good old days and say NO to a Dutch Invasion . Circlemakers and farmers don’t sell England’s heritage to European business’s .’

To say that I, and others, were staggered and disgusted by this is an understatement. Remember, this is the page that proclaims to tell the truth about crop circles and the extended community. Nationalistic and xenophobic attitudes have no place in this subject, or indeed anywhere else in the 21st century. Crop circles are a global phenomenon, and belong to all.

What next? Passport checks at the edges of fields and signs up saying “no fuzzywuzzies”? Shoddily constructed formations containing codes along the lines of “Beware the bearers of false gifts and Johnny Foreigner. Much pain but still time to leave the EU”?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, either. Note this from RACCF last year (reposted on the Report A Crop Circle Formation Exposed Facebook page). Note as well as the attitude, the linguistic style, and remember that CCTPTMTT claim to have no connection with any other Facebook pages.

RACCF racism

I remember this being posted at the time, and RACCF’s peculiar view that farmers cutting Wiltshire crop circles was due to meddling foreigners and had nothing to do with the fact that certain circlemakers and circles websites had pissed off the farmers to such an extent that cutting all circles seemed their only option.

So there you have it. One of the most prominent crop circle sites believes that foreign tourists should ‘pack up and go home’ and that everything would be better if we ‘bring back the good old days’. Vile.

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