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Wise Words # 2

This one goes out to the admins of crop circle Facebook groups and forums who rigorously delete comments (and ban posters) whenever they don’t like the look of something or it counters their own views.

“If you refuse to let an audience hear your words stand fair and square alongside those of someone who disagrees, then you must expect that, rightly or wrongly, such an action will possibly infer that you have little confidence in your own case.” – Jenny Randles and Paul Fuller, Crop Circles A Mystery Solved, p29 (1993 edition).

“Sadly It Has Come To This”



“Sadly it has come to this”? Are you honestly surprised? When certain circlemakers boast about which circles they’ve made on internet TV and elsewhere, insulting the farmers while drinking in the same pubs as them, and making it blatant exactly what they do? The farmers aren’t the idiots they’re painted to be. They know exactly who these people are, what they do, and they’re sick of being taken the piss out of. They’ve said many times they’ll cut any circles that appear, and now they’re holding good on that threat.

Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, 6 July 2013

It’s the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group conference this weekend. So when it was made public that a commissioned formation was to be made, RACCF instantly assume that they had commissioned said formation to aid their conference.


When the formation was made – and it’s certainly the best design of this season and very well-constructed despite its small size – and it was revealed that it was paid for by the French media, that was confirmation enough. Francine Blake’s French – what more proof do we need? She’s French, they’re French, it’s obvious isn’t it? A leap of logic worthy of another Frenchman, Inspector Clouseau. I await the report from them telling us it was made by Jean Reno and Gérard Depardieu.


RACCF, how stupid do you think people are? How blind do you believe people are to the politics and personalities of the crop circle scene that they would believe this latest dreamed-up notion from you? If WCCSG were going to commission a formation – and I don’t for one moment believe they would – do you think it would be announced before the formation was even made? They’re in the mystery business – of course it wouldn’t.  Please think next time before you post crap like this. I’m told some people actually believe it.

Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti, Italy, 30 June 2013

Report A Crop Circle Formation like to let people think they are privy to everything that goes on behind the scenes in the crop circle world, and often know of formations before they have even appeared in the field. Indeed in some cases they do – though why any circlemaker would trust them to tell them such things is beyond me. I mean, of course, the circlemakers that aren’t RACCF themselves or their extended team.

Formations they’ve predicted in the past are usually of very shabby quality, so when another ‘there’s a new circle on its way!’ post appeared on their Facebook page on 30 June, some of us were already expecting the worst.


As it turned out, there wasn’t a new circle. There was, however, as they say “a good chance” that there would be, it being a weekend at the end of June, and if a new circle had just happened to appear RACCF could claim foreknowledge where they had none. They were guessing. This isn’t research, it’s a craps shoot.

But then a circle was reported in Italy, which gives them the chance to redeem their claim in their eyes.


RACCF, you had no knowledge whatsoever of this circle or the circumstances of its arrival, but you’ve used it to bolster your sham prediction anyway. Well-done – another perfectly fine circle smeared by association with you and your shoddy gang.