Ansty & All That

Regular readers may have noticed that I’ve not bothered blogging about the August 2016 Ansty formation. There are a couple of reasons why.

First off, I wasn’t particularly knocked out by it as a circle. Sure, it’s big, and precisely executed, but that’s about all it has going for it, in my view. When the matter of it being based on the Mothership Glass company logo swiftly came to light, I’m surprised anybody continued to take it seriously. Yet the likes of Michael Glickman, Lucy Pringle, Horace Drew and Gary King inexplicably did.

Now the footage of it being made has been released, it makes for an underwhelming exposé. How comes, Miles? Well, I hear it took the best part of a week to construct. For me, that puts it behind even the best of the rest of 2016 in impressiveness. Couple that with the fact that we’ve already had more than 30 years of investigation and evidence of people making crop circles. The subject has been plumbed exhaustively. Doug and Dave were filmed making circles at night back in 1992, for heaven’s sake! Since then, numerous pieces of footage have come to light. Ansty is merely another in a long list. It’s egg on the faces of the aforementioned Glickman, Pringle, Drew and King, but it’s nothing new, and certainly not the ground-shaking revelation its creators paint it to be. What is new is the claiming of copyright. That’s new. Idiotic, but new.

Is He Or Isn’t He?

Glasses were raised across croppiedom last week as Andrew Pykra announced his abdication:

Crop Circle Wisdom Announcement.
At the beginning of 2018 we have decided to either close or hand over this website to another new owner if a new owner could be found.

Reasons for decisions made:
All truth seeking websites sadly receive all sorts of threats, blackmail and made up lies by all who are corrupt beyond comprehension. The current researchers will no doubt continue to fool you into believing that aliens are responsible for all the pretty art work in fields of gold – we can assure this is not the case but that will be down to you to decide or the new owner of this website. The latest and most ridiculous accusation, is that the editor of this website met a corrupt alien who told the editor to corrupt all crop circle believers out there. Well – if you actually believe this then you have our apology. We will no doubt have to contact our corrupt aliens and have some serious words with them and give them a slap on their wrist !
Chasing information is time consuming also which generally has to be verified by two editors – sadly one of the editors is emigrating to the USA to take on a role in the IT sector – Bon Voyage Mr. T and good luck in the Big Apple – you will be missed.
We would also like to thank all the alien spies out there for all the hard work who have contributed over the years – I’m sorry to inform you all that your P60 will be sent out in the post as soon as it is possible – however new job opportunities will be available to you as soon as NASA work out how to get you back to your Galaxies.

What will we do from now on?

We will continue research in the ACTUAL PHENOMENON that has been frequently reported in and around man made crop circles and historic areas of Wiltshire and other UK counties – phenomenon such as the frequently seen balls of lights etc.
So look out for a dedicated website which will probably appear late 2018 or early 2019. We feel it will be more challenging and worthy rather than arguing with brick wall researchers who quite frankly cant research out of a brown paper bag.

As from 1st of September 2018 a new owner of this website will take over responsibility for all editing and current content.
Once the handover is done we will provide all appropriate contact details – website will be updated accordingly – however it probably will be just another crop circle web page, so if you have any gripes or suggestions then the new webmaster will assist you in the best possible way.

So at this point we would like to thank all our visitors to this website for your continual support.
Always seek the truth !!!

​God Bless

I could take the time and trouble to pick apart aspects of this statement, but I’ll desist – I was just relieved that the bugger was finally going. But wait! It wasn’t long before a follow-up statement appeared:


An agreement has been made to postpone the handover of this website due to a scathing attack by Temporary Temples who have conned the crop circle believer for decades.
We were happy to hand over this website to a new owner who was going to keep it simple and without any fuss and be cooperative with other Individuals but yet he couldn’t leave it alone so therefore we will resume as normal.
The handover will still happen but NOW its just a question of WHEN !

I’ve scoured all the crop circle Facebook haunts, and Temporary Temples itself, and can’t find anything resembling a “scathing attack”. Is it, as was put to me the other day, just another excuse to hold on for longer? Remember when he stepped down from RACCF, supposedly to write a book which unsurprisingly has yet to see the light of day and I highly doubt ever will? He’ll likely lurk sniping from the side-lines, as he always does. In the meantime we can rely on Andrew Pyrka Watch and Andrew Pyrka: The Crop Circle Messiah to keep him in his box.

Mates’ Rates # 2

Why is it that the worst circle makers often make the harshest critics? We’ve seen this before with Matthew Williams. And as I noted in a previous post, the mates’ rates policy is alive and well at Crop Circle Wisdom, as can be demonstrated by their comments on the Chesterton Windmill circle.

CCW ChestertonIn truth, CCW have no idea where this circle came from, and their comments about makers and design and intentions are mere supposition, as is the assertion that they ‘only report to Steve’ (and if that were the case, how comes Nick Bull got there so quickly?).

There’s nothing wrong with the line-work in the Chesterton Windmill circle. It’s certainly straighter than the line-work in that crass ‘door’ for which CCW have nothing but praise because it was made by their mates, as the following picture by Nick Bull shows.


I don’t know why I let this stuff bug me. In future, whenever I see CCW criticising other people’s crop circles, I will have only a one word response. It’s ‘caterpillar’.


I present Matthew Williams’ appalling series of posts aimed at David Butler, farmer of the Martinsell Hill field, without comment. The reader can make up their own mind. I can’t help but feel that if somebody like Monique Klinkenbergh or Paul Jacobs had stepped in instead of Williams, though, future formations on Mr Butler’s land could have been saved. He even seems agreeable. As things stand now, another swathe of Wiltshire is now out of bounds to crop circles.

raccf butler 1
raccf butler 3raccf butler 4raccf butler 5raccf butler 6raccf butler art

Mates’ Rates

It’s good to see that RACCF’s mates’ rates philosophy of crop circle discussion continues on Crop Circle Wisdom. Here’s a screenshot from the site regarding the recent Longwood Warren formation.37174846_10156254673710937_7499434814928322560_nThe Kingweston circle also has visible construction lines and centre components of differing proportions, as one can see from the photo below by Nick Bull, but Mr Pyrka considers it the work of ‘the pros’ or ‘the MASTER’ and thus beyond criticism. DJI_0482Wisdom shmisdom.

Words Of Advice

Since I’m not in the business of outing circle makers, some words of advice in lieu of a screenshot. It is generally considered wise when constructing a formation not to post the diagram on your Instagram account beforehand.

The ‘Wisdom’ Of Hackpen Hill

Crop Circle Wisdom may be one of the most ironically named websites out there. Each update sees Andrew Pyrka blunder his way through half-truth, conjecture, and plain invention. Does anybody even read it anymore, other than those like myself who want to amuse themselves at whatever cobblers he’s come out with this time? The man increasingly seems an irrelevance, a lone voice hectoring into the void.

Still, CCW is always good for entertainment if nothing else. One of the more recent posts, on “the darkness of Hackpen Hill formations !”, is a good case in point. Here, we see Mr Pyrka take a false and fanciful notion and run with it for ten paragraphs of bullshit.



Andy, you have no idea who made these circles. You’re guessing, and you’re wrong. Not only are you barking up the wrong tree – barking being the operative word – you’re not even in the right forest. As such your entire article is farcical. It did make me laugh so hard I nearly shat myself, though.


The arrival of two circles at Hackpen Hill has caused quite a stir in the recent weeks, with claims the makers constructed then reported them for the benefit of Paul Jacobs – currently manning the fields and taking entrance fee money for charity – or the Crop Circle Connector. Here’s one:-

Charles Mallett Hackpen Hill June 2018

Let’s be very clear here; there is no evidence whatsoever of any collusion between circle makers, the farmer, Paul Jacobs, and / or The Crop Circle Connector with regard to either of the circles at Hackpen Hill. The first Hackpen Hill circle was discovered by Gary King, the second by Allie Hart. Neither were “reported by crop circle hoaxers” to any of the aforementioned parties. Any claims otherwise are mere supposition.

True Colours

I wouldn’t advocate one watches Matthew Williams’ videos, but one of the most recent definitely gives the mark of the man. It’s an expletive-heavy, thirteen minute, toys-out-of-the-pram rant, aimed chiefly at Steve Alexander, but also at others who Williams feels are not playing by his appointed rules. Notable is his referring to researcher and photographer Hugh Newman as ‘Hugh Jewman’, which certainly gives an indication of Williams’ true colours. If you want an intimation of what the crop circle world has had to put up with for the last several years, this is it.


A Beginner’s Guide To Circle Killing # 2

The lure of non-existent financial recompense is simply too much for a certain breed of crop circle maker. One is attempting to flog his construction diagrams via Facebook, and in the process has killed a number of circles from the past few seasons. Here are some screen captures (via Crop Circle Wisdom).

diagrams 1diagrams 2diagrams 3.jpg

What a vapid and sordid endeavour. Congratulations, you have utterly extinguished any interest these circles may once have held. They are now mere vandalism, the rural equivalent of tossing a brick through a shop window. Is that really what you wanted to achieve, after all the labour of putting them in the field? You have also openly confessed to numerous specific cases of criminal damage to farmers’ property, and I note that in one case you’ve even been dumb enough to attach a copyright notification and date to a formation that still sits in the field as I write this. What an idiot.